Life Style Nutrition Rooibos Tea

Life Style Nutrition Rooibos Tea

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Enjoy a fresh and nutritious cup of Rooibos Tea just like grandma made it. Our Rooibos is hand-cut and shieved on our family farm where hard work and dedication go into producing the best Rooibos Tea in the world. Nothing feels better than having a warm cup of Rooibos tea any time of the day.

Life Style Nutrition Rooibos Tea - 20 tea bags in a box. 


Lifestyle Nutrition's Rooibos Tea is naturally grown in the Cederberg, where this wonder bush can flourish in the wide open space, fresh air & favourable climate. 

Rooibos has been used as a natural remedy for over 100years in South Africa. Having a well-established reputation for it benefits, rooibos is now rated one of the best teas internationally. Many refer to this special tea as the "herbal herb".

Health Benefits:

  • May relieve digestive woes.

  • May aid in weight loss.

  • May support a healthy heart.

  • May lower your risk of cancer.

  • May support stronger bones.

  • May ease allergy symptoms.

  • May treat & prevent diabetes.

  Caffeine - Free & Rich in Antioxidants