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    Shea Rose – Whipped Shea Body Butter with Avocado Oil

    Our Shea Rose whipped Shea body butters are light and fluffy, highly moisturizing, that literally melts into your skin. This rich body butter whip will keep your skin hydrated all-day, leaving your skin with an all natural glow.

    Apply your body butter onto your wet or dry skin. Apply throughout the day as needed.

    Our whipped blends can also be used on natural hair, sealing moisture into the hair, for strong, healthy hair.  Use it as a quick fix on the go for that slicked-back hairstyle or to neaten up stray hairs.

    The Avocado oil blend helps to soften the skin while locking in moisture, it also improves a dry and flaky scalp. Our whipped body butters are lightly scented with lavender essential and a hint of sweet orange essential oil. Our Shea Body Butters Whipped or raw can be used to soothe dry skin and dry skin problems like eczema.

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